Thom Pear is at it again with a little help from his friends – despite multiple injuries after a bicycling accident, Thom is unrelenting in his quest to raise funds to provide children the opportunity for a better future. This will be the 4th year in a row Thom is heading up this annual fundraiser through his passion for swim marathons and his team is expanding to include Chiqui Zabla and Kayla Schmidt ! They will be swimming around Key West in the FKCC Swim Around Key West on June 24.

Bill Sawyers, will be coaching the team. Determined to still help out after having a heart procedure last fall. Bill won his division last year and has swam every year with Thom.

For more details and to encourage them as they train and swim, check out his GoFundMe page,

Their story is a great example of what individuals can do to make a huge impact in the lives of children that have no natural family support. They are showing child children that their Family of Hope cares, is committed and will stop at nothing to prove it! This speaks volumes to children who have been abused and abandoned. They are their hero’s the children.

“It am so grateful to have Chiqui and Kayla swimming this year. The girls now have strong female role models in addition to Alice Skaff,” said Thom. “Chiqui swam for the Columbian National Swim Team and Kayla is a graduate of Notre Dame University and has completed several triathlons.

“I sure some of the Haven of Hope children, with God’s help, will follow their footsteps.”